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Alaris Medley 8100 Pump Modules Review

September 18, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

The control of fluids for medical purposes and the transfer of blood related products require the use of hospital infusion pumps. There are various models available for application in a clinical and a hospital environment, delivered intravenously or by means of epidural and similar methods. The Alaris Medley 8100 provides superb operation in an automated or controlled manner.

The range of infusion pumps has been designed to deliver medications, fluids, blood, and blood related products for pediatric and adult patients. It is a uniquely design infusion pump that is able to deliver every type of infusion for both intermittent and continuous purposes. Such measures aim to alleviate the manual labor required to constantly monitor such medical intakes.

Modern features are designed to assist all patients. It includes an Autostart mode that is a part of its auto detection features and provides monitoring functions to ensure that patient problems pertaining to the IV and drips do not occur. Modes for anesthesia deliver high air pressure settings with an option for a permanent pause.

The apparatus allows for the attachment of four pump modules to a single Point of Care or PC. The versatile features makes it possible to run four different infusions that can be attached to either side of the PC. The modules have been developed to provide support for the Guardrails Suite MX Software. The aim of the modern software is to protect against medication errors with a therapy test before proceeding with operation.

The inclusion of a dynamic pressure display allows for the viewing of graphics and similar data. Patient side occlusion pressure is displayed upon the correct setting and channels. Calculations for drugs and relative flow rates are assessed on a continual basis.

The Flo Stop technology is a unique clamping device that serves as a reliable safety mechanism. The purpose for such features is to deliver maximum control and prevent against the unregulated flow of liquids. The Alaris Medley 8100 pump design offers modern technology for efficient and reliable operation.

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