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Only eyes can see. Can you notice how important eyes to your lives? Do you have instances that you took for granted it? Do you suffer sickness in your eyes? How often do you see a doctor for a regular check up? Can you enumerate how many times you are fatigue and yet you chose to not to sleep? Do you consider these questions as a reliable source to your concerns now? All of these can be discussed later on. An eye is the way to see things aside from feeling the things on our sense of touch. The vision makes the reality.

In order for you to speak, you must see and read words that are usually used to your day to day living. Some words were stored in your mind and became your knowledge. It is good to have plentiful of knowledge in mind. But it is not useful anymore if have an eye sickness. If you abuse your eyes while you are still young the more you may suffer worst eye sickness. It will be more visible when you get aged. It can be cured and a lot of probable and potential treatment are available but as you are not that old, try to prevent it. How? Know how when you take note of the following.

Start in the hygiene. Simple you do can make thing of your life easier and a hundred percent prevention to any sickness you may suffer in your eyes. Washing your hands before you touch or rub your eyes can prevent eye rashes, if not treated well; it can lead to redness, itchiness, and swelling. Eyes are most perceptive to bacteria and germs. Avoid it just by washing your hands every now and then. Women who wore make ups are prone to eye sickness as well. When you do not clean your eyes or face before going to sleep the makeup you applied might affect your eyesight. The more exposure of the chemical of the makeup can lead to infections. So start to make it a habit then.

Another thing to consider and remember is your food diet. The eye can also be telling you if you eat healthy or unhealthy food. Correcting your eating habit by eating vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamin A, a squash is an example, E, and C, can be a way of preventing in suffering an eye sickness. Treatment and a continuous medicine can be an ache and can possibly drop all your savings.

Eyes sickness could also develop to some exposure. Like direct sunlight, too near while watching television, overused your eyes in focusing to the computer or laptop, and always have exposed to water though you are not getting enough of sleep. These are some aspect that you could possibly do. Now, you are aware of it, you can sit just not too near to the television, or use glasses that suit you so that aching in your head can be avoided or perhaps protective shield for computers and laptops, and rest your eyes before washing your face or having a bath. Sleeping is the best prevention to eye infection and diseases. Take note all of this, this is just simple habit but can ruin your eyesight forever if you still keep doing those stuffs mentioned.

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