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Good health comes with proper and relentless care of environment. It is from an environment that food and other resources are obtained. To be healthy, individuals consume suitable balanced diets. These meals are prepared using local resources from environment. To ascertain their safety for consumption, the raw materials must first be subjected to assessment in the water testing labs approved to do tests.

Safe water is that which is recommended for human consumption. It must have very low risk of harm to all consumers even when consumed for a longer period. To be considered safe it must be free from harmful microbes, have no odor or color. However, presence of some degree of dissolved minerals may still be safe for human use.

It may be considered safe if treated or when naturally free from any form of contamination. Natural springs are an example of safe sources. Treatment may be done in a number of ways that include; boiling, bleaching, distillation and filtering. One way may be effective on its own if applied properly according to the guidelines so established.

Level of safety directly corresponds to health state of a people using it. There are a number of illnesses caused by using contaminated sources. Such illness may result from body surface contact or oral consumption of such unsuitable preparations.

All problems related to water pollution can now be effectively addressed using scientific and technological advances. Creation of such labs has enabled accurate analysis of its composition. Several companies have come up to offer this service to the population. This service has been of grate help to people like such product suppliers and agricultural officers among others.

There are two main forms of tests carried out in the accredited labs available. One is assessment of presence and level of pathogens in a water sample. The other analysis done examines the present minerals and their concentration in the sample. As a policy, a standard requirement directs all such products suppliers to carry out routine tests to verify whether the such products distributed is suitable for thee intended purposes.

Doing a test on water require a strict step by step process. It has to be done objectively to achieve intended goal. A client in need of test collects a sample from which the analysis shall be done. Submission form is filled with all the required information, sample is delivered to the lab; test is don e and results relayed back to client. It is the role of the client to implement outcomes of a test to improve or maintain his or her performance. Ignoring the outcome makes the whole process meaningless.

Testing gives confidence to the users. It enhances healthy life and cuts on cost of medical expenses. A healthy person is productive economically. All individuals and organizations should therefore strive to own tested and or treated sources before using them for the various purposes.

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