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Austin TX Chiropractic Office Provides Solutions For Whiplash Pain

November 10, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

An injury called whiplash is the result of someones head being jerked forward then backward rapidly. Each individual is affected in a unique way. The speed at which a car is moving at the time it collides with another determines the extent of the hurt. One victim may suffer a different level of pain than another as a leading Austin Chiropractor can attest.

Factors that affect the extent of the hurt include the height of the victim, the height at which the headrest is secured and whether the seat belt was buckled. If the person is young and in good health, that may result in less serious injuries. However, even if circumstances are equal, the results may not be exactly alike.

During the first office appointment the chiropractor will thoroughly evaluate the condition the client is in. First there will be questions and answers. Next, a physical exam will be conducted. It is possible that x-rays or magnetic resonance imaging will be required to make an accurate assessment. Finally, a care plan is proposed for the assessed injuries.

A recommendation for care will be made based on the evaluation results. Most often, spinal adjustments to the cervical spine are used. Relaxation or stimulation of the muscles is another method. A well-designed exercise routine and lifestyle changes are other possibilities for care.

The spinal adjustments are used to coax a misplaced joint back into the normal position. Muscular dysfunction is another cause of pain. A series of stretching exercises will be planned to relax any stiff muscles. The chiropractor may choose to apply a stronger stretching motion to make certain the tightened muscle will be relaxed.

It is not understood why, but symptoms of whiplash do not always take effect immediately after an accident. It can sometimes take from two to forty-eight hours before the symptoms appear. Some chiropractors conclude that it is possibly due to delayed muscular soreness.

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