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Brooklyn Pediatrics & Inflammation As The Result Of Bullying

September 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

It goes without saying that bullying is a serious situation and this is especially true for those who are younger. The mental and emotional negatives can carry over into adult life but I do not think that many people truly understand what can happen in the physical sense as well. With this in mind, did you know that bullying – if done to tremendous extents – can cause inflammation? This is one of the many points that, in my view, Brooklyn pediatrics can inform others about.

A Reuters article detailed the impact of bullying as it pertains to inflammation. More specifically, a study was conducted and it was shown that those who were bullied at younger ages stood a greater chance of developing low-grade inflammation throughout their bodies. It’s a startling discovery in one sense but it is understandable in another. After all, bullied kids tend to not be as healthy either, since they typically tend to suffer from more stomachaches and cases of nausea, both of which can have be negatively impacting later on.

William Copeland – of the Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina – led a study in order to determine the effect of bullying in regards to physical health. One of the points that stood out the most to me was that early inflammation was likely to result in heart disease in the future. More than anything else, this shows that better care should be taken so that bullying happens less frequently. How exactly can this be done, though, and what can parents do to help?

First of all, medical specialists like Dr. Michael Gabriel will probably instruct parents to look out for any early signs of bullying. This can range from anything to more lethargic behavior to quieter personalities, though parents may be able to detect these signs at earlier points. In addition, those who work in Brooklyn pediatrics can attest to the importance of adult figures and how children can turn to them if matters become serious. To put it simply, those who are bullied shouldn’t believe they are without help.

When it comes to the hottest topics that parents and teachers can talk about, bullying is arguably one of the highest-ranking. However, in order for this to become more of a non-issue over the course of time, these groups should understand the ways in which the negative affect of bullying may be minimized. Children should not be fearful of talking to others about this, especially if they feel like it is building without any end in sight. As for teachers and parents, the ability to step in immediately is crucial.

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