Can A Staten Island Pediatrician Inform You Of Head Trauma During Youth?

December 13, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

If you want to keep the side effects of a head injury down as much as possible, there are certain ways to go about it. When your child receives an injury to the head, this problem is especially serious and I am sure that any Staten Island pediatrician will be able to agree. Why exactly is this such a tremendous ordeal, you may wonder? If you are curious as to what it is that makes this a focal point in the field of medicine, there is quite a bit of information to take in.

Examiner published a story that detailed childhood head trauma and, more specifically, how it can impact a person’s social life as they grow older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published its own findings on the matter, stating that half of a million children living in the United States – at least up until age of 14 – had to go to emergency rooms because they suffered head injuries. Car accidents were the biggest focal point, too. Regardless, this is a matter that can play into the potentially lacking growth of one’s social progression.

The frontal lobe of the brain, according to the article, stands a chance of being affected in the negative sense. When this part of the brain has been aggravated due to head trauma, there is a chance that a child’s social growth may not occur to the same degree as a child who didn’t suffer such an injury. It’s clear that this circumstance can leave an impact, regardless of its scope. Regardless of how serious you may believe an injury can be, as a parent, there are ways to ensure that your child will remain healthy.

No matter how it might come about, if your child suffers a head injury, you should tell them to relax so that you may gain further details. Fortunately, advice can be attained and any Staten Island pediatrician with a strong reputation can prove to be more than useful. According to medical authorities along the lines of Dr. Michael Gabriel, there are various steps to take and these very steps are especially important if your child exhibits behavioral changes early on. If you can address this problem sooner, your child will be better off.

It’s clear that a parent’s worst fear is their child becoming injured, regardless of whether it is related to the head or not. If it is a case of head trauma, though, it’s clear that an impact can be left and it should be given focus early on. There is a tremendous amount of information that can be picked up on, though, and you can be certain that there are various medical specialists that can help along the way. The best advice, for parents, is to stay focused on the potential changes in your child’s behavior.

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