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Chiropractic Intervention In Paediatric Cases With Seizure

September 7, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Very often we find that the Chiropractic care for pediatric cases is documented properly. The outcome of this process is good, if the care is properly diagnosed and right intervention is planned and executed. In this article we shall throw some light on pediatric patients who are epileptic or have some kind of seizure and how chiropractic intervention can help such patients. According to documented texts, subluxation based chiropractic management has been successfully administered to the above mentioned patients.

What is the connection between autism and epilepsy?

The reason for attack of Autism and epileptic attacks in pediatric cases are various. These various kinds of pathology will be vast if we discuss them here. As this is a short article we shall just touch the important points. However at times autism cane be idiopathic. Epilepsy is a condition where the patient experiences or has a tendency to have recurrent seizures. A temporary imbalance in the brain function results in seizure. Thus uncontrolled and excessive signals from the group of nerve cells result in the seizure.

Documented facts and data interpretations show that the application of chiropractic care first evolved two decades ago. The basic rules of these practices stemmed to the concept reversal of cerebral penumbra. To a great extent this was able to explain the changes which could be envisaged in ASD children who underwent chiropractic care based on subluxation techniques.

There are two important types of injury which are possible in the ischemic cerebro-vascular bed of brain. One of these major zones of injury is the core ischemic zone. If injury happens in this zone, this remains irreversible, however if the injury happens in the borderline necrotic tissues then is called ischemic penumbra. The second type of the damage can be reversed. The collateral arteries supply blood to the penumbral zone.

The anastomosing branches of these arteries form the location where the pharmacological interventions are mostly effective. Agamanolis depicts that Ischemic damages in the region of penumbra, can result in the dysfunction which results from metabolic dysfunction or ionic imbalance.

This results in severe compromise in the structural aspects and damage. Administration of drugs in such levels can be proven effective at this stage. At the same time there are chances that, the drug administration can result in higher level of ischemia. However by application of subluxation techniques of a chiropractor a safe drugless technique can be proven effective and result in adjustment of the spine which helps the restoration of spine to the proper alignment. This proper alignment provides normal signals to brain and allows signals to flow to and from the brain.

The higher-center ischemia can be reversed by using the chiropractic techniques . Finally the restoration of the the brain-body balance can be facilitated and help the paediatric patients suffering from epilepsy.

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