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Common Back Pain Treatment Options

May 28, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Back Pain

Chronic lower back painaffects many American men and women and can significantly reduce a person’s mobility and quality of life. There are countless reasons for chronic lower back pain and one of the most common is the inflammation of the intervertebral discs that are located between the bones of the spine. A healthy disc functions as a shock absorber for the spine-when injured or degenerated, these discs can become quite painful and lead to chronic problems.

To help alleviate the pain of disc degeneration and other disc diseases, medical scientists have developed and introduced an advanced, minimally-invasive procedure called radiofrequency Annuloplasty. Unlike traditional open-back surgical procedures that require large incisions and a long recovery period, this less-invasive method of surgery requires only the tiniest of incisions and in most cases delivers excellent results. In addition, minimally-invasive procedures often carry a much lower risk for infection and post-surgical complications than traditional open-back surgery.

MedX rehabilitation machines for lumbar extension, cervical extension, and torso rotation; Fitness ball-based core strengthening exercises; Bosu-based core strengthening exercises; Body Blade Core strengthening exercises and the TRX Body Weight Suspension

Home Exercises – There are many daily exercises that you can complete at home to build strength and regain mobility in your back. This is a cost-effective and healthy way to maintain your strength and reduce lower back pain. It is important to seek medical advice before beginning any new exercise routine. Also, Physical Therapy, along with the proper regimen of home-based exercises, can go a long way to help promote wellness and healing.

Minimally-Invasive Surgical Procedures:

For some causes of back pain, minimally-invasive spine care is often one of the best treatment options available. These solutions can provide long-lasting pain relief and inherently do not have all of the potential complications that an open-back surgery may present. Many patients who once had severe, even debilitating, back pain are now living active, healthy lifestyles. A spine specialist will help you with a treatment plan that will address your specific condition with the option that is best suited for you.

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