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Dealing With Stress And Pregnancy Concerns

November 10, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Popular Diets

Like a horse and carriage, stress and pregnancy tend to go together. If you’re one of those who can just let it all slide like water off a duck’s back, good for you.

Others of us, though, are not so blessed. We have to wrestle with our darker thoughts, doubts and fears. These take the form of recurring questions for a pregnant woman. She wonders if her baby will be healthy. Is she eating properly? Is her sleep and exercise doing well for the baby? If she is a first time mom, naturally, she will often be grappling with her anxieties about whether she’ll be a good mother.

Look, the tendency in some circles to treat stress as a great evil is silly. Stress plays a big role in helping us create, achieve and meet responsibilities.

However, excessive, chronic stress is another matter. And, without doubt, the worst – because least productive – kind of stress is stress about being stressed. And, since excessive, chronic stress in pregnancy can lead to problems for the baby, stressing about stress in pregnancy is understandable and common.

Feeling stressed about whether we’re too stressed is pointless and harmful. So, it is necessary to avoid descending a downward spiral created by yourself.

If though you are getting just too concerned about your stress levels, then it might be wise to take positive action: even if only to relieve your stress about stress. I’d suggest two strategies: communicating and taking inventory.

If you’re having concerns about the pregnancy, share them with your partner. I know that some pregnant women’s stress is precisely over their partner: how is he handling it? Will he be able to cope?

Even if you feel that way about him, communicating is still the best policy. You could be surprised how relieved he might feel to have an opportunity to talk about it and feel less alone once you share your own unease. All the life changes of pregnancy are a lot for either of you to go through alone. And, even if he is totally fine with everything, the benefits to you are still immense. Just being able to express your doubts or fears can provide an amazing elixir.

Not only is there comfort in knowing you’re going through this together, but it is often surprising to discover how quickly bad thoughts dispel into nothing once finally stated: like germs exposed to fresh air and sunshine. Letting the bad stuff fester is never healthy.

Friends are also valuable outlets for your communication needs. They don’t even necessarily have to be mothers themselves. Your real friends are your friends because they’re going to be there for you, whatever happens. Like a rock climber who gives some solid tugs on a line before lowering the full weight of her body onto it, just the occasional, reassuring touching base with your support network goes a long way to comfort you that you’re not undertaking this great adventure alone.

The second strategy I’d ask you to consider is inventory taking. It’s understandable to wonder about how your eating or exercising practices might affect your baby. Don’t stress about it, though. If you have questions, answer them!

We live in the age of the Internet for goodness sake. It’s easy to find reliable dietary and fitness information from credible medical and maternal care sources. If you have doubts about some of your choices, find out what you should be doing.

If you’re not doing it, then do it. And if it turns out, as it probably will, that you’re doing everything just find, then hopefully your mind will be put at ease.

However, it is true, that for some women, none of this solves the problem. If that’s you, well, then, maybe you’re just a worrier by disposition. Hey, some of us are wired that way; what’s to be done? Well, that’s still no reason to descend into a spiral of stressing over stress. There are many exercises you can undertake that have been time tested remedies to psychological stress, through the reduction of physical stress. Top of the list to start would be yoga, deep-breathing, meditation, massage, and warm baths. These things work!

Also, be sure to take plenty of you-time, to relax. Take advantage of sick days, if you’re working out of the home. Put your feet up and let others take over the responsibilities.

Stress only becomes a serious problem when we let it. Cut it off at the pass when you sense it arising and never allow yourself to dwell pointlessly upon negative thoughts. Instead, fill your mind with the peaceful anticipation of how wonderful your new baby is going to be. I hope that the suggestions above go a long way in helping you do so, and contribute to resolving your stress and pregnancy concerns.

If you or someone you know is coping with an excessively stressful pregnancy, you need to follow all the great info available on the Stress and Pregnancy blog. Also, have a look at this concise, informative video about stress and pregnancy to be better informed. Knowledge is strength!


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