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Demetrios Gabriel: Should Soda Be Cut Entirely?

January 26, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

I am of the opinion that soda is best considered a “sometimes drink.” It’s not the kind of drink that you will want to consume from day to day with every single meal but it is still fine to have in regulated amounts. You never want to take in too much but do you necessarily want to cut it out of your – or your child’s – diet entirely? There are ways to better manage how soda is taken into the body and I believe that Demetrios Gabriel can offer some insight.

Soda is one of those products that, while best in smaller doses, can still hold a couple of benefits. For example, did you know that this beverage has the ability to help you as far as helping an upset stomach is concerned? This is where the carbonation of the beverage in question can come into play. Of course, one can make the argument that seltzer can act in the same way but the point to be made is that soda does hold certain incentive, provided the intake of the drink in question is regulated.

Of course, there should be attention brought to the potential cons of soda as well, which are points that I believe to be better known. Due to the high sugar content seen in typical sodas, it’s very possible that they can lead to weight gain if consumption is not regulated well enough. What about caffeine in high amounts, which can impact one’s sleep schedule in the long term? It’s clear that there are many ways that soda can be harmful and the intake of such has to be better maintained.

Soda consumption is one of those aspects that I believe Demetrios Gabriel will be able to shed some light on. Parents have the ability to put forth a strong schedule as far as this is concerned, making sure that different beverages are incorporated in such a way that soda is only seen every few days or so. Soda could also serve as a potential reward for children that perform well in school, so parent should keep this use in mind as well. It’s clear that, based on the advice that medical authorities such as Gabriel Pediatrics can give, parents can handle the situation.

These points are just a couple that should be considered as far as overall soda consumption is concerned. You want to make sure that you are able to incorporate other beverages as well, preferably ones that have stronger health benefits. Keep in mind that soda is not entirely bad for you, as long as it is not taken in through large amounts. With that said, there are far better choices to consider if you start to feel thirst slowly make its way to the surface.

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