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Erratic Teen Behavior Due To Bad Food Choices, Says Dr Michelle Robins

January 17, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Popular Diets

Bestselling writer, international speaker and engaging chiropractor, Dr. Michelle Robins spoke in an interview with Elizabeth McGhee on Parental Choices for Struggling Teens. The show is hosted on L.A. Talk Radio. During the interview she discussed “how the inside impacts the outside.” She outlined exactly how bad diet habits can impact teen health.

Elizabeth McGhee served as acting host, while Lon Woodbury, the host of the show was away on business. Lon Woodbury, the founder of Woodbury Reports, Inc, Struggling Teens, and Parent Choices for Struggling Teens has worked with families and struggling adolescents since 1984. He is an independent educational consultant and an author of numerous books on at-risk teens. Elizabeth McGhee is the Director of Admissions and Referral Relations at Sandhill Child Development Center. She has almost two decades of clinical, consulting, and referral relations experience.

About Dr. Michelle Robin

Dr. Michelle Robin is a practicing chiropractor. She is the founder of Your Wellness Connection, P.A., an integrative healing center that focuses on disciplines such as chiropractic, Chinese medicine, massage therapy, energy medicine, counseling, nutrition and wellness coaching and movement arts. She is also a bestselling author and an international speaker.

Just how the Inside Impacts the Outside

“The food industry has been transformed over the last 20-30 year period,” said Dr. Robin at the very start of the radio show job interview when she spoke about how the inside impacts the outside. “There are more refined foods and more foods with extra sugars and salt nowadays. Besides benefiting the heart, the approach of “dealing with the whole physical body”, will make you become a better person or part of a group. What we place in our bodies either affects us positively or negatively, and thus, the more “real” food we consume– the healthier we will become”.

Teenagers are facing issues related to poor digestion. This endangers the immune system. It also disrupts the hormones. Furthermore, young adults are usually addicted to stimulating substances like coffee, as well as energy boosting drinks and soft drinks. All of these are rich in glucose and caffeine. Sweet drinks and foods, she explained, are many times more habit- forming than narcotic drugs.

Dr Robin said that teenage health was also adversely affected by sedentary habits, chemicals in foods and medications, and negative thoughts and feelings. In trying to change these patterns, parents needed to set a positive example by walking their talk, using positive words, and reading food labels. She suggested a simple way to initiate change: adopt one good health habit each month. Within a year, a person will have adopted 12 healthy habits.

Learn more about Lon Woodbury on Struggling Teens. He has recorded the entire interview on his weekly L.A. Talk Radio show for people to listen to at any time.


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