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The life of a living thing revolves around the process of respiration and the associated intake and supply of oxygen. The amount of saturation of oxygen in the circulation system is very important and is directly related to oxyhaemoglobing present. Hemoglobin is charged with the duty of supplying oxygen, which makes the measure of oxyhaemoglobing quite relevant. Many years ago, the blood saturation was determined manually by drawing samples of blood from the human system. This invasive approach posed quite a number of challenges, including inability to produce real time measurements. This, coupled with the cumbersome nature of the method, led to the emergence of cms pulse oximeters.

The cms utilizes oximetry in non-invasely providing real time pulse rates and oxygen saturation. The equipment acts as a vital tool among doctors and clinicians in detecting the oxygen levels of patients that are sedated, unconscious and not in a position to co-ordinate and control their oxygen distribution.

Oximeters have wide range of applications, ranging from hospitals and medical clinics to homes and surgical rooms. They come handy for folks suffering from such diseases and conditions as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) and emphysema. They also form vital accompaniments to high altitude individuals, including high mountain climbers and pilots. Such people use them to protect against hypoxia.

To support this entire people, the designers of this measuring instrument did not leave anything to chance. The design is attractive and flexible to carry around. It integrates exciting features and puts a broad range of users in to consideration. The sick individuals are not frustrated by the small size of the oximeter. They are rather examined at their own convenience, since they are at liberty to move around, hence enhancing their willing response. Wrist and finger based cms are the most common.

The oximeters are designed accordingly and fitted with the necessary features for this task. Concerning their size, they are readily available in relatively small sizes and able to fit a wide range of wrist and finger size. Their small size, coupled with the lack of long wires and the light weight, renders then profoundly portable and convenient. This level of comfort, promotes overnight sleep studies and is meant to ensure that the patient remains responsive since the devices are comfortably attached to the wrist fingers and sometimes, the wrist. The person under study is also able to move freely.

This measuring instrument features a rather compact and light design having a single display switch operation. It is thus conveniently easy and simple to control and integrates the latest oximetry technique in a spot check gadget. They possess robust led display that is easy to read. In addition, the low power consumption renders the unit efficient as it runs for as long as thirty hours of constant operation with two AAA alkaline batteries.

Purchasing the instrument is quite easy because all the features are often indicated. They are usually accompanied with an instruction manual, with some having a soft shell case for carrying. Although they are independently simple to operate and have an operation menu that act as a setting for functions.

By all aspects, this device is out of doubt a work simplification. It overcomes the traditional limitation of having to take samples of blood. It is all inclusive and applicable across all age groups. It is not only convenient to patients, but also a plus to doctors and clinicians.

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