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How To Get Relief From Bulging Disc Pain In Redbug Lake Road FL

February 21, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

The intervertebral discs that lie between the vertebrae act to prevent them from rubbing against each other. These discs act as shock absorbers. At Redbug Lake Road FL chiropractic the pain from a herniated, or slipped, disc is seen as a common problem afflicting many clients.

A care plan may be different for each person for this condition. Two individuals with seemingly identical injuries may not have the same level of pain. Each injury may be located on a different part of the spine.

The intervertebral disc is similar to a little pillow. Outside it has a fiber-like shell and inside a soft, gel-like substance. The herniation causes part of a disc to bulge out from between the vertebrae.

An automobile crash can cause damage to one or more discs. If someone is overweight, or has bad posture, that may have an effect. The fibrous outer layer cracks, allowing a portion of a disc to protrude from between the vertebrae.

An assessment of the extent of the herniation is crucial. A chiropractor evaluates someone to determine the care that will work best to alleviate the hurt. A medical history, physical exam and an x-ray will assist the chiropractor in this evaluation.

The chiropractic exam may reveal that nerve transmission function normally. Muscles are often weakened by this condition. The nerve sensations that a person normally feels normally might be lacking. This information helps in planning the best care for the individual.

There may be a misalignment of an entire spine. The exam will include considering the spine from neck to lumbar region of the back. The bulging disc might be causing pain in another location on the backbone.

For the individual who prefers not to take prescription medicine, or over-the-counter pain pills, chiropractic care is ideal. It is non-invasive. A series of manual adjustments can relieve the pain.

Individuals of any age can benefit from seeing a chiropractor. The goal is to manage the pain. The person can then return to the life he or she led before the herniated disc occurred.

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