Importance Of Adolescent Substance Abuse Evaluation

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Substance abuse among youths has really increased and become a bother for most parents. Many parents are trying hard to fight off this problem while others have given up with their adolescents who have refused to change. Drug abuse occurs at early teenage life especially in schools due to peer pressures. If you evaluate the negative results of these kinds of behaviors, you will see the necessity of adolescent substance abuse evaluation of the affected youths.

Teenage life stage comes with many changes and problems that if poorly monitored by parents and school counselors, it may progress to harmful vices in the society. Many parents are faced with difficulties in parenting teenagers who in most times never heed their parent advices. There may be heated arguments and fights when dealing with teenagers who are having hormonal changes and physical changes, which make them, feel mature.

The teens become disobedient, fall into arguments and even to the extreme of fighting their parents. Performance at school is affected, and their friendship relationships change too. An adolescent will fall into peer pressure at school in the competition to fit into the senior dominating groups of students. If they happen to fall into negative peer pressure groups, they may be lured into bad habits such as, drugs use, early sexual relationships, fights, bullying, and criminal activities.

In teenagers, alcoholism and tobacco smoking are the most common forms of substance abuse. The teens can progress into illegal marijuana smoking, which they purchase from adult drug abusers who are eager to welcome them into drugs in a bid to earn from them. Due to the effects of these drugs, some may go on and try more harmful substance such as cocaine and heroin. These drugs affect their brain in a large way, and there are major consequences that result.

Poor performance at school and breaking school rules are first results and signs of substance use by teens. Some proceed to missing schools and classes and then to dropping out. Some are at risk of acquiring disease such as HIV AIDS through sharing needles for injecting drugs. Others who engage in sexual immorality end up getting infected with sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Mental health problems like depression, withdrawal dysfunctions, apathy, and psychosocial problems are other effects. They also face stigmatization and alienation by their peers. The family is also affected. Fights, quarrels, swearing, threats can jeopardize aspects of family life and affect parents and other siblings who become stressed. The youths steal money to purchase drugs where they can be arrested.

Bad influence is the major cause of teenagers attempting drugs use. However, there are many other reasons, which cause the bad behavior such as lack of supervision and monitoring by parents. Besides, parents who have bad habits of smoking and taking alcohol when around their children may encourage this behavior. Also by parents not creating time to interact with their children leads to teens piling up problems, and with time they venture into drug abuse viewing it as the only solution.

The earlier one seeks help for their teens behavioral or drug problems, the better. Evaluation is done by physicians, psychiatrist, or psychologies. It involves a number of test and interviews to get to the root of the problems. They are treated, counseled, or referred to rehabilitation centers. The parent is also given tips on how to deal with their adolescent children.

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