Important Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure You Should Know

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High blood pressure is a medical condition, which tends to elevate the blood pressure in the arteries. The measure of this medical condition is usually summarized using two measurements options. These include systolic where the heart muscles contracts between the beats hence representing maximum blood pressure and diastolic where the heart muscles relaxes between the beats representing minimum blood pressure. The presence of high blood pressure in your body can be determined using various symptoms of high blood pressure.

The majority of the high blood pressure sufferers often do not know whether they have the problem before it gets to precariously high levels. Therefore, should you ignore your blood pressure levels thinking that it will not bring up any problem, you are probably putting your life at risk since it may be too late if it ever strikes. You should know the symptoms that are often associated with the condition.

A morning headache specifically at the back of the head is an indication of having high blood pressure. Most of the victims reported to have high blood pressure have shown to have this type of headache. Therefore, if you experience this type of headache, it is important to seek examination for high blood pressure since this type of headache is not usual.

Having continuous episode of fainting or feeling unconsciousness may also be another major symptom of high blood pressure. When the blood pressure is low, the heart rate will also slow down because of the stimulation of the vagus nerve. A vagus nerve is a nerve that comes from the brain to the other several parts of the organ system. Before fainting, one will experience either sweating, nausea or breathing problem. This is the reason why most of the hypertension victims do sit down and put their head in between the knees for some time as the method works out for most of the people.

Another major symptom is getting visual problems. After going through physical exam, a physician may notice a hyperactive retinopathy on your optic fundus. This problem is closely related to hypertension since it forces the capillaries to expand unusually resulting to a blurred vision. This means that you should visit a doctor if you are having such visual problems since it is a sign of hypertension in future.

Kidney problems and endocrine diseases is an indication of having high blood pressure in your system as their causes have a basis on artery problems. In addition, having facial flushing is an indication of high blood pressure. Facial flushing is a result of having dilated blood vessels in the face. The trigger for facial flushing includes either spicy food, sun exposure or skin care products. The major causes of facial flushing include consumption of alcohol and emotional stress, which are the catalysts to increase the blood pressure.

Abdominal bruit is because of having renal artery stenosis, which is the narrowing of the arteries connected to the kidney. Narrowed artery will eventually result to a decreased blood pressure at the lower extremities causing aortic coarctation. In consideration, this condition is a symptom of high blood pressure since the system will have a low blood pressure.

Getting chest discomfort can also be another symbol of getting high blood pressure. This symptom is triggered once the heart muscles fail to access enough blood containing oxygen. The sensation can make you feel like sneezing or numb. The felling might also extend inside your arms, neck, jaw or perhaps the back.

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