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It May Surprise You To Know That Newcastle NSW Low Back Pain Relief Is Closer Than You Think

March 27, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Back Pain

When a subluxation of the spinal column is discovered, this misalignment may be causing severe chronic pain. There are chiropractic methods known to be successful in alleviating that pain. Making an appointment with a leading Newcastle NSW chiropractor is the first step towards reducing the hurt you are suffering.

Chiropractic methods are successful without resorting to the use of prescription or over-the-counter medication. It is also favored due to being a non-invasive procedure. Care may be the use of spinal adjustments, which are known to reduce pain in the lower back.

Before anything can be done, the chiropractor will do a full evaluation of your condition. A medical history will be recorded and a physical exam of the entire spine will be done. In some cases, an x-ray or MRI is useful in assessing the problem.

Age, intensity of the hurt and how long it has been plaguing you are all taken into consideration. It might be intense enough to make it impossible to hold down a job. If possible, the client will take an active part in the reduction of the hurt.

For example, mild exercises will help you reach the goal of returning to work. If you work at a desk, that may take place sooner than if you do physical labor. In all cases, the first concern is to reduce the intensity of your pain.

Realigning the spine through adjustments is of major benefit. However, there are other methods to add. Exercise, especially a routine designed for a specific level of pain, is important. Heat or ice applications may be used in conjunction with massage to relax tightened muscles in the lower back area.

As the hurt is subsiding, a plan for maintenance is crucial to prevent a recurrent episode. An exercise schedule to use at home is one important aspect. Periodic office visits to monitor the condition, and possibly administer chiropractic adjustments twice a year, will keep the pain under control. When the lower back pain started, the client may have waited too long before seeking help. This usually extends the length of time required to facilitate relief.

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