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Learn How Spinal Cord Stimulation Brings Movement To Paraplegics

December 9, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Spinal cord injuries can and often do have a major and lifelong impact on the people who sustain them. Sadly, paralyzed people not only suffer from a loss of mobility, but they can also experience an excess amount of pain. This is why many individuals are eager to learn more about how spinal cord stimulation brings movement to paraplegics.

Spinal stimulation is provided in two ways and for two different purposes. Most commonly, this is used as a pain management technique, however, it can also be used to improve mobility. These are medical innovations that are having a major impact on the world and which have brought all new hope to people who certainly need it.

For pain management, a small device can be inserted beneath the skin. This is used to create pain in the targeted area so that the pain signal can be sent to the brain. With repeated pulses, the pain will register instead as a warm tingling sensation beneath the skin. Rather than living their lives wholly reliant upon prescription medications for muting or controlling pain, people can gain freedom from discomfort through these devices.

Side effects are an issues that pain sufferers will not need to contend with. This means that they can have reduced pain without developing problems like vertigo, nausea or fatigue. Because of this fact, this type of therapy has generated a lot of buzz and it is also becoming a popular pain management option.

There is another therapy that is changing the way that people perceive the long term impacts of paralysis and this is the use of electrical stimulation that mimics brain and nerve communication. This allows for voluntary movements in areas that were once immovable. This is a new science that is still being researched and there is still tremendous process that is being made.

The movements that this form of stimulation allows are wholly voluntary. In this way, these treatments are helping people to regain control of their bodies. Moreover, they could be an effective tools for preserving muscles from atrophy and maintaining important nerve to brain connections. These developments are believed to have the capacity to change the prognoses for paralyzed individuals, even many years after spinal damage has been sustained.

All specialists must first assess the nature of their patients injuries and other factors concerning their physical health. This is necessary for determining whether or not these individuals will be ideal candidates for these procedures. Once candidacy is established, several trials are often performed in order to gauge their efficacy and their impact on the individual patient.

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