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Learn How To Reverse Insulin Resistance

October 9, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Nutrition

Learning how to reverse insulin resistance can make you feel better and might save your life. Everyone should know about this malaise, which affects millions of people who are unaware that they have a problem at all. The fact is that the average western diet, high in animal protein and refined carbohydrates while lacking in essential fatty acids, fiber, and whole foods, makes health hard to sustain.

Many people live in ignorance about how their bodies work and how food affects them. Disorders like resistance to insulin develop over a long period of improper diet and living, so many are unaware that they have an imbalance. Anyone who includes in their diet a large amount of refined carbohydrates, commercial baked goods, fried and fast foods, and sweetened drinks is at risk.

Glucose is present in food and also is made by the body from carbohydrates. Whole foods contain carbohydrates along with fibers and proteins which slow down digestion and provide a steady supply of glucose, which the body can handle naturally. However, refined carbohydrates are digested rapidly, blood sugar rises quickly, and too much insulin is released by the pancreas. This causes a blood sugar drop, which is a ‘hunger’ signal. The person eats again, probably the wrong sort of food, and the process repeats. This eventually causes cellular malfunction.

The problem is that people eat too much, too often, and consume too many refined carbohydrates. At the same time, the average diet is deficient in essential nutrients. An overload of the wrong foods combined with a lack of fiber, healthy fats, and slow-digesting proteins creates an imbalance of hormonal secretions. This creates a feeling of hunger, which causes people to eat more (of the wrong things), and the cycle spins out of control.

The first warning signal of this condition is often fatigue. Many people in the modern world complain of a lack of energy for daily tasks. They find that the food they eat no longer gives them a boost but instead makes them fuzzy-headed and bloated. Life becomes drudgery.

The subject is complex but the solution is simple. The problem is caused by improper diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Restrict refined carbohydrates (it’s sometimes easier to eliminate them all together), boost fiber-rich vegetables and fruit, and supplement with nutrients known to help balance insulin and glucose levels. Get enough protein from good sources and exercise regularly. Control your weight.

Valuable supplements include chromium, a trace mineral usually deficient in foods grown for the mass market. Some people take a 100 milligram capsule with every meal or sugary snack and find that it helps. Vitamin K, citrus peel extract, cinnamon, and many other herbs, minerals, and vitamins have been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels in clinical trials. Omega-3 fatty acids should be supplemented.

This condition, which is not a disease but an imbalance created by improper living and eating, might be misdiagnosed as diabetes. It is really a precursor to this more serious illness and should be taken seriously. Everyone should learn how to reverse insulin resistance.

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