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Learn How Whiplash Pain Sufferers Get Relief With Knox County Chiropractic Office

July 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Whiplash is an auto accident injury that can cause a number of damages to the sensitive tissues and structures. When the upper cervical spine sustains a sudden blow as the body is secured by a seatbelt, the delicate nerves and function will be compromised. Knox County chiropractic focuses on safe and natural intervention for relief from the adverse effects of spinal misalignment, muscle strain, tears, and bulging discs.

Whiplash injuries are unique and requires recovery programs that are comprehensive. There are many dysfunctions that occur as a result of such accidents including torn muscles, spasms, and herniated discs among others. The completion of a physical assessment can aid in identifying the damage that is associated with such accidents.

Chiropractors will employ various techniques for the rehabilitation of damage based on safe and natural methods. One of the most common techniques is that of spinal adjustment methods that aims to realign the joints that have become imbalanced. Misalignment may cause improper nerve function as the joints compress the sensitive tissues and impede normal function.

One of the major applications in therapy is a spinal adjustment. The chiropractor will make use of instruments or a hands-on intervention to facilitate thrusts to target regions and decrease limits placed on joint function. The purpose of these methods is to address mobility requirements and to eliminate the restrictions that have been placed on the body.

The ability to move fully will be impacted by damage including muscle strain and minor tears. Recovery of the soft tissues will involve the experience of light stretches and engagement in suitable methods of mobility for recovery. The aim is to decrease the restrictions that are placed on the upper cervical region.

To achieve a state of optimum mobility and relieve painful symptoms, cases of whiplash must be reported soon after an accident has occurred. This will ensure that scar tissue and similar restrictions do not form. These can be responsible for slowing long term recovery. Massage, adjustments, and stretching exercises are among the methods advised for rehabilitation and to facilitate full range of motion for all affected persons.

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