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Learn What Your Eye Doctor Knows About Your Eye

October 3, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

The light rays that pass with the lens, which in fact changes form so it can further bend the rays and focus them on the retina at the back of the eye. The retina is the internal a lot of layer of the eye. Cones are loaded in to a part of the retina directly behind the retina called the fovea.

Sounds type of Cool right? Light from the sunlight bouncing off a things and enters our eye changing in to an electricity signal that takes a trip throughout our brains. We can notice depth, shade, loved one position. So just what exactly does an eye doctor seek during an eye examination?

An optometrist is going to use a series of test to check on the health of your eyes. He or she will be looking at clarity, movement, clean-ness of eyeball. One tool that they might use is the Retinoscope. That’s the tool that shines a bright light into your eyeball and the optometrist looks through. During the eye exam you optometrist will ask you to look off in the distance, like at the big letter E on an eye chart and focus on it. The idea is to use the Retinoscope to get an idea of your, the patient’s, prescription objectively, without needing any responses from the you. The optometrist will shine light into the eyeball and observe how light “reflexes” reacts. It is based on those reflexes that will help determine how your eyes are doing.

Another test that will be performed is the famous cover test. This is a test in team work. Not between you and your doctor, though co-operation would go a long way. No, rather it is the team work of the right eye with the left. Your eye doctor will be looking for any deviation or misalignment of your eyes. You will be asked to cover up one eye with what’s called an occluder and focus on the big E on the eye chart.

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