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Oak Lawn Headache Sufferers Find Relief Through Chiropractic Care And Relaxation Techniques

December 14, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

The headache is a common phenomenon that affects many people. A leading Oak Lawn chiropractor will confirm that fact. Daily stress causes many of the tension headaches. Migraines can strike for no apparent reason. Ninety percent of all people will suffer with a headache at some point in their lives.

While both prescription and over-the-counter kinds of medications are available for pain alleviation of headaches, the majority of people prefer to avoid developing a dependency. Chiropractic care gives the advantage of pain relief without medication of any kind. There are not as many people in the hospital because of headaches as there are as a result of addiction to drugs.

The chiropractic community is interested in what causes the headache pain. Often it is discovered to be a subluxation occurring in the cervical spine, which is located in the neck. Subluxation is a term used to describe a misalignment of the spinal vertebrae.

A misalignment causes one or more vertebrae to press against a nerve. The pressure results in severe pain. Research into the causes of headache pain revealed that ninety percent is caused by these subluxations in the spine.

When you make an appointment due to headache pain, a chiropractor starts by doing an evaluation. Questions are asked to determine how severe the pain is and how long you have had it. Your spine will be examined. Some individuals need an x-ray to locate the source of pain.

A plan for your care cannot be designed until the source of the headache is determined. The usual care plan includes manual adjustments to correct any subluxation. When the pressure is relieved, the pain will begin to subside. Massage may serve to loosen tight muscles, thus reducing the tension.

A prominent Oak Lawn chiropractor will use a series of adjustments to begin the process of lessening the headache pain. Massage and professional advice will help with postural problems that may contribute to the development of headaches. This will help avoid them in the future.

Chiropractic care relieves headache and shoulder pain the natural way. Get more information about an experienced Oak Lawn chiropractor at http://www.bottichiropractic.com now.


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