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Olive Oil & The 3 Most Essential Nutrients

December 24, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

From its characteristic flavor to the many ways in which it can be utilized, it’s hard to argue against the popularity associated with olive oil. From what I have seen, it is one of the most healthful products available and it is one that can bolster culinary efforts to higher levels. However, I believe that there should be attention given to the nutrients associated with this product. If you want to know why this product is so healthful, these are just a few points worth keeping in mind.

1. Authorities such as Bellucci Premium can tell you about the prevalence of monounsaturated fats that are typically linked to the oil in question. It is because of these distinct fats that olive oil stands out, especially when considering that many individuals look at fat in food through skeptic eyes. However, there should be a level of focus set on foods that contain saturated fats. It’s the group of foods in question that should allow you to make better choices as far as your diet is concerned.

2. When talking about specific vitamins, olive oil is rich in vitamin K. The reason why this nutrient is one that is best taken at an early age is because of how it is able to aid bone density and mass. What this means is that if you adapt a diet that is rich in vitamin K, you stand a lesser chance of suffering a broken arm, leg, or what have you. In addition, vitamin K can work with the brain in order to prevent the rise of cognitive conditions along the lines of Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Olive oil has a tremendous amount of vitamin E to account for as well. What you should know about vitamin E is that it is a nutrient that is all but tied into antioxidants, which are substances that the oil in question possesses in high amounts. This vitamin has the potential of protecting the body against free radicals, which is where the immune system is brought to a higher level. In addition, a higher amount of vitamin E means that cardiovascular conditions are less likely to occur.

These factors, from what I have seen, should be able to help you understand why this type of oil should be taken into the body. It has a world of benefits to consider, even those unrelated to health. However, if it’s health that you are focused on more than anything else, it’s important to keep these various vitamins and minerals in the back of your mind. They may be able to help your diet become that much more effective.

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