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Opting For Dental Implants OKC

October 16, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Medicine

Dental implants OKC practitioners can offer you a solution if you have lost or are in the process of losing your natural teeth. Wearers of dentures can benefit by replacing their dentures with implants. Denture wearers can also have the dentures fixed to eliminate instability. The time required to complete the process of implantation is dependent on your overall dental health.

You will be offered the option of a bridge or implants if you are missing a single tooth or you wish to have missing teeth replaced. In the event that you opt for a bridge, the dentist will not make use of the fixtures at all. The natural teeth that are present on each side of the missing teeth will be shaved down as it will act as supports for the bridge. The disadvantage to this procedure is that the grinding down of the teeth may weaken it and you may need to have the teeth replaced in the future.

If you have a single missing tooth, you can opt to have an implant placed as a permanent and quick solution. It is possible to undergo this procedure during one visit to your dentist. The procedure involves the placement of the implant where the tooth was and the fitting of a tooth crown.

If you have lost several of your natural teeth, you once again have the option of a bridge based on implants or single tooth restoration. This procedure is more time-consuming than the restoration of a single tooth. The entire process may require several visits to your dental implants OKC practitioner. This will be dependent on your general dental health and the condition of the bone in your jaw line.

During your initial consultation with your dental practitioner in Oklahoma City, you will be required to provide details of your general health, including the medications you are currently taking. It may be necessary for you to have scans or X-rays done to allow your dental practitioner to assess the condition of your gums and the condition of the bone in your jaw.

The results of the x-rays will give the practitioner the opportunity to assess if there is sufficient healthy bone available to adequately hold the implant. If the bone in your jaw is insufficient, you may have to undergo surgery to add bone. This is normally the starting point of the procedure.

The bone is often taken from your hip, for placement in your jaw. After this procedure, the bone takes time to settle in your jaw. This may require a waiting period of up to three months. Once the bone in your jaw is strong enough to hold an implant post, your Oklahoma City implant professional will go ahead with placing the implant posts. At this stage, it may be necessary for temporary teeth or a temporary bridge to be placed whilst the bone in the jaw integrates with the post of the implant.

After the placement of the implants has been completed, there may be a further waiting period to allow for integration of the bone and the implants. After integration has successfully been achieved, the practitioner will commence with placement of the teeth. It will be necessary for you to make regular visits to your dental implants OKC practitioner. This will ensure that your implants remain stable and your dental health is adequate to support the teeth.

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