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Preventing Tooth Decay

October 14, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Tooth decay is something that more people need to take more seriously. It is literally the gradual decay of one’s teeth and is a process that cannot be reversed only remedied through expensive repairs and replacements of teeth.

Clean teeth that are free from plaque help you to feel more willing to smile and if you are willing to smile then you will be happier. Studies have shown that smiling can actually increase happiness.

Once you have enough plaque, it begins to builds up into tartar. As dangerous as plaque is, tartar is worse. It begins to harden in the spaces between your teeth, making it much harder to remove. It is not just harmlessly sitting there, either. It secretes acid that hurts tooth enamel and forms cavities. If it is not removed, it will lead to gum inflammation and disease.

To avoid this destructive sequence of tooth decay, there are those who simply avoid eating sugar thinking that that may slow acid production in their mouths, but these individuals are greatly mistaken. Sugar, the food for bacteria in the mouth, can be derived from any food source that contains carbohydrates, which are composed of sugars and starches and include such standard food items as breads, fruits, and dairy products.

If you get gingivitis from the tartar buildup on your teeth, there is still hope to reverse it. As long as you are sure to brush and flossing your teeth regularly, especially around the gums and back of the teeth, you should be able to reverse the effects.

The third thing you should do to maintain healthy and plaque free teeth is to go to the dentist regularly. Regular cleanings and checkups will help your teeth to stay as healthy as possible without the hassle and cost of emergency dental care. Visiting your dentist regularly will help you to stay on top of your oral care.

Eating healthy crunchy foods such as particular fruits and vegetables can help you to stay on top of your dental care because these foods can work like a toothbrush as you eat. On top of regular brushing, eating foods that can help do the job of your tooth brush will help you to keep your mouth as clean as possible with very little work.

The element that most people tend to forget is flossing. This is the main source of plaque removal we have at our disposal as plaque and tartar build up in between our teeth where we can’t feel it most of the time. Another easy way to prevent the buildup of plaque is to drink plenty of water between means.

Along with flossing and brushing teeth regularly each day, a person can help themselves in preventing tooth decay by eating a nutritious and balanced diet. While many foods may contribute to tooth decay after being consumed and processed by bacteria, there are also many foods with valuable nutrients that can help to strengthen dental health such as foods high in vitamin C.

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