Protecting Your Child’s Teeth From Sports

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No pain, no gain, right? Kids are surprisingly tough little creatures. In my very own elementary school, we had lots of sports related mishaps. Playing soccer, little Chad crashed into the goal post and had to get stiches on his head. I got smacked in the face with a basketball and nearly broke my nose. Kids fell off the monkey bars, tripped and scraped their knees playing tag, and twisted ankles playing kickball. It’s a natural part of life.

Then there was organized sports. Junior Jazz games never ended without at least one injury: a basketball to the face, a jammed finger, an elbow in the eye, or some floor burns. But did that stop us from playing? No way. The same went for local soccer leagues, swim and diving classes, volleyball, and so on. Getting hurt is part of being a kid.

It had just started and Tame thought it would ease his pains but as the movie went on he began to realize that it was going to do just the opposite. He watched as Tom Hank’s character took an ice skate to his tooth and was about to take the tooth out with it.

When the pulp of your tooth gets exposed, bacteria can quickly get inside and infect or kill the tissue of the tooth. Left untreated, this could lead to wider-spread infection, expensive treatment, loss of the tooth, and lots of unnecessary pain.

Baby teeth help guide adult teeth into proper positions. They also contribute to the health of gums. Older kids will also have adult teeth that especially need to be protected. In sports like football, basketball, and even soccer can lead to serious teeth damage. It could be a high-flying ball, a kick in the mouth, a collision with another player, or falling face-first on the ground. Ouch.

Talking was almost impossible, as the dentist soon realized when he started asking Tame questions. He soon switched over to yes or no questions that could be answered with the nod of a head.

With a mouth guard, your child will be protected from direct contact with a ball, elbow, the ground, or whatever may hit them. Additionally, if a child trips or crashes into another child or object, the backlash could cause your child’s mouth to snap shut suddenly – damaging teeth, cutting lips, their tongue, or cheeks. Mouth guards made by your dentist in Sandy can protect your child from any of these injuries.

So don’t deprive your kids the joy and experience of sporting activities because of the possibility of injury. There are plenty of protective measures you can take that ensure their safety and allow them to be a kid!

As a dentist in Sandy, UT Nate Lewis has a special interest in the connection between oral health and your overall health. Based on studies and his unequivocal observation of many thousands of patients, he can absolutely tell you that proper dental care will improve your quality and length of life.

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