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Reading Intervention Gives Hope To Dyslexic Kids

August 30, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Mental Health

It is well-known that some kids have difficulty learning how to read. It is not well-known that one of the leading causes of it is often due to dyslexia. These kids were often thought to have major learning disabilities and now we know that it may not be a true learning issue. This is good news for parents and kids of dyslexic children because there are programs that can help them. They will always face challenges, but there are good reading intervention programs for kids that may help them very much.

Dyslexia is a problem for kids because it interferes with the way they comprehend the words in front of them. An important part of reading is understanding letters and their respective sounds as well as groups of letters and how they sound together. Dyslexia can make this difficult. Phonics may be the biggest help for dyslexic children because it focuses on grouped letter sounds and recognition of word parts as a whole. It also focuses on the specific meaning of the words that they will see most often when reading something a book.

However, some research indicates that dyslexia happens because the child’s brain develops and functions different from others. The affected child may not be able to identify sounds or the letters that make that sound. These kids often want to learn but cannot understand the learning process. It is not curable but through one of the good reading intervention programs for kids they can get help with it.

It takes time and patience to help a child with dyslexia learn to read considering that spelling, speech, and other things may be affected by this condition. For a program to have a positive effect on the child, they must often start with the basics of reading. This includes going back to learn different letter sounds and how they relate to one another as well as how they may sound within a group of other letters. It will take a lot of practice by the child and in order for it to be one of the good reading intervention programs for kids, it should be flexible and based on their needs. For a child with dyslexia the process could be slower and more in-depth.

Imagine seeing an “M” and thinking it is a “W”. That is what a child may deal with when they are dyslexic. However, this is not the only thing that they may have to deal with. Seeing backward or upside down is a single symptom that is possible with dyslexia. It can affect their math skills because mathematical symbols may confuse them. Phonics can help but it will probably need to be an intense reading intervention to get the child to the point that they can read a book and understand all of it completely.

Parents who worry that their child may have dyslexia are encouraged to seek help before their child reaches the fifth grade. Know the signs of dyslexia. They may include, writing backward letters, difficulty sounding things out, and not understanding the words they read. The sooner you have them tested, the sooner your child can get help, and the happier they will be. There are good reading intervention programs for kids and they can help your child learn to read so that they do not have to worry about embarrassment inside their classroom. Wouldn’t you rather see your child read a great book instead of feel bad about not reading very well?

In some cases, an older child may need to learn to overcome dyslexia because they were not properly tested as a young child. The same good reading intervention programs may still be able to help the older children, so do not give up hope because of a bad diagnosis. You will start with the same basics as others so that they can also learn how to read and enjoy a good book now that dyslexia has been diagnosed by someone who knew what to look for.

Curling up with a good book and understanding the written word is part of life’s little luxuries and, until now, a dyslexic child would miss out on this simple joy. If you are ready to help ensure that your child is a part of one of the good reading intervention programs for kids, they will thank you every time you see them successfully reading a book and comprehending the words that they see on that page. They will find success and delight where there was once embarrassment and difficulty.

Dyslexia is an incurable problem that many kids have to deal with. Help your child today by getting them into a good reading intervention program at for kids. It will help them be happier children.


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