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Sickle Cell Disease Prevention And Diagnosis

March 11, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

In the sub Saharan Africa, sickle cell has been a threatening disease to many. There has not been any proven cure of this complication. However, it does not mean that once you get it you will die. There are efforts by doctors and researchers trying to come up with an effective medication even if not to cure but at least to prevent. By following carefully the precautions set, you as a patient will manage to leave longer. Sickle cell disease prevention has been handled differently. Responsibility has been taken by major departments to try and give primary prevention through counselling and creating public awareness.

The disease affects the hemoglobin in red blood cells and is genetic as well. This means that it is passed from one generation to another. If your parents happen to have it, then there is all possibility that you will be affected too. There is much complication especially pains which in return interferes with vital aspects of life. They include, education, psychological development and employment. Early screening is very important as it helps to reduce its effects.

The sickle cell trait is spreading faster than expected reaching highest of its prevalence in many parts of Africa and among individuals possessing equatorial Africa origins, Saudi Arabia and the Mediterranean basin. In Africa, most prevalence of the disease trait occurs in between latitudes 15 degrees North and 20 degrees south. The population affected ranges between forty percent and ten percent in some areas.

Controlling this disease has not been easy to either the affected individuals or the doctors who are working day and night. The existence of national programs put in place to control the sickle cell sickness has helped much and should therefore be strengthened. The set programs to control this illness are under the framework of national programs for preventing and controlling non-communicable diseases.

Prevention of this illness therefore entails the setting up the cell screening as well as genetic counseling in countries with high prevalence. Ideally, this disease ought to be identified in the prenatal stage as part of screening program. These vital services should be availed together with health and counseling education. The diagnosis of this sickness raises ethical and to some point cultural issues but differ from one area/ country to another.

Genetic counselling and screening helps in reducing the number of children born with the trait. There is much emphasize on management of this disease at different levels health care. This is because the health cares tend to use affordable and simple technology therefore making the services available to the larger community.

Training of individuals to diagnosis, prevent as the case management ensures that the health cares provide the affected people with the required basic services. The responsibility to involve the community-based care and families should be left to the national program. These inclusions are part and parcel of making these programs be successful. The set research as well as surveillance should be taken serious as they play a huge role.

To conclude, partnership between health professionals, parents and patients should be strengthened. This partnership tend to facilitate the identification of genetic risks in the affected communities, record the family diseases history and create awareness among the people.

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