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October 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Have you heard about a natural herbal remedy that is called saw palmetto? If not, then perhaps you should do your research into it and discover all of the saw palmetto health benefits that you may be missing out on. It is most commonly used to treat a condition known as BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, but it can be used for a variety of other health issues that you may deal with.

If you are curious about saw palmetto, it is something worth checking into it. Saw palmetto extract is taken from the berries of the Serenoa repens, a small palm tree that is available in Florida. This palm tree has large leaves and it puts on dark red berries. The berries are rich in fatty acids and phytosterols and even though the berries are only the size of olives, they can help you with a variety of medical issues. It is definitely worth considering if you want a good natural supplement.

Some of the saw palmetto health benefits include everything from prostate health to incontinence and even penile dysfunction. Any of these health concerns can affect many men over the age of 50. It can lead to difficulty when trying to urinate. These men may also feel that they are swollen in the rectal or pelvic area. If saw palmetto could make you feel more comfortable when trying to urinate, wouldn’t it be worth trying?

It works by inhibiting some of the testosterone in your body so that it does not stimulate cellular reproductions, which happens in the prostate gland. It prevents testosterone from binding to and stimulating prostate cells that can lead to swelling. However, it promotes testosterone at the same time as it inhibits the way it affects your prostate. This makes it useful for athletes who are trying to increase their muscle mass without normal steroids.

Both men and women can enjoy the saw palmetto health benefits because it goes much further than prostate or erectile issues. It can be used as an aphrodisiac. It can also help women who have already gone through menopause and now have trouble with the incontinence that comes from weak urinary organs. Other research indicates that it may also help some people lose weight by aiding digestion and absorption.

The saw palmetto health benefits also include the ability to help a person who is weak to become stronger, especially if they have recently suffered a major illness. In fact, it has been used by medical practitioners for nearly 200 years to treat certain issues that include; whooping coughs, laryngitis, asthma, chronic coughs, digestion issues, and more. Before the medical practitioners found it, the Indians used it to treat a variety of issues as well. American Indians enjoyed it as part of their normal diet and relied on it to help with urinary problems and reproduction issues. The Seminoles believed that it had the ability to work as an expectorant and an antiseptic. Even the Mayans used it, only they used it in tonics for them to drink. Shouldn’t you give it a try to see if it helps?

The only concerns when taking saw palmetto are if you have high cholesterol and if you are pregnant or nursing. You should consult with your doctor if you have any of these things going on. You do not need to worry about it hurting you, but safe is always better. Other than that, some people have stomach upset when taking it, unless they take it after eating. Considering all of the saw palmetto health benefits, you should still realize that it is perhaps worth it to simply eat before taking this supplement.

Imagine taking something that does not overload your body, but makes you feel like a whole new person. That is what you get when you try to enjoy the saw palmetto health benefits. If you have concerns you are free to consult with your doctor before taking it. In the end, you will be glad that you decided to give it a try. Especially, if you notice the same benefits that all others have noticed when they start taking this natural herbal supplement that comes in very small doses.

Saw palmetto extract can do more than help with prostate issues. People have depended on it for years to do so. All you have to do is visit to see what it can do for you.


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