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Taking Rambo Rugs 101 And Beyond

January 30, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Exercise

Learning about Rambo rugs is like going back to school – or maybe forward to school, since the science of keeping horses warm/dry/fly-free is always advancing. There’s a lot more to learn than how to throw the blanket over the horse and buckle up the straps. However, there’s a short cut for those who want it. Customer reviews help when you’re trying to find the best way to invest your money and get a good return.

It’ll take time to become familiar with the full line of stable and field wear offered by Horseware of Ireland. There’s a lot to read and understand about the innovative cut and fit, the kind of fasteners used, the materials that make the blankets warm but not bulky, and the various accessories that come with them.

Product description for just one rug will be something like this: snug fit, superior warmth with less weight, layers of nylon outer, thermobonded fiberfill, and polyester antibacterial and anti-static inner lining, a patented V-front closure, high-cut neck for less wither pressure, tail cord and flap, reflective safety strips, and leg arches as standard features. Not compatible with liner systems.

These are standard features on just one rug. You can continue on to other descriptions for light, medium, or heavy field blankets. Perhaps you’re looking for a stable rug, a fly sheet, a Wug, a cooler, a travel blanket, an exercise rug, or a removable hood.

For fun, check out the foal blankets that ‘grow’ with the youngster. Velcro fasteners make getting a perfect fit easy no matter how fast the baby is growing in height and weight. The wide belly flap keeps the baby warm and snug without straps that might tangle delicate legs. If adult horses gain weight, there are chest expansions to allow a little more room.

You can rely on the design and durability of Rambos. After all, Tom and Carol McGuiness were the very first to achieve a truly warm, waterproof, breathing, well-fitting turnout – and thereby changed the industry forever. It used to be a real struggle to keep horses warm and dry at the same time. Waterproof coverings could become sweat baths, while warm woolens became soaked when it rained. Layers of cotton liner, wool blanket, and waterproof sheet were hard to keep in place.

Customers write about Rambos lasting eight years, even with horses that seemed determined to find every projection that could tear or every mudhole that could abrade the outer layer. Fortunately, there are ways to clean and re-waterproof turnouts, repair kits for sewing up tears, replacement hardware, and other aids to keeping a rug year after year.

You can take the time to really understand the options beforehand, using videos on fitting a blanket and customer reviews to help. You’ll find that the folks at Horseware really know their stuff and truly want to give you and your horse what many consider to be the best gear in the industry.

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