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Tattoos: How Do They Work?

September 29, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Skin Care

The practice of applying tattoos has been present in many cultures throughout many centuries. As you are probably aware, a tattoo is a micro-pigment implantation in the skin that forms an image, phrase or symbol. The ink is injected into the outermost layers of skin, where it stays and shows through the skin, displaying the image. And the most common, safe and easy method of injecting these pigments is through the use of an electronic tattoo gun.

A modern tattoo gun features a needle that moves up and down very rapidly, piercing the skin thousands of times and leaving small bits of ink beneath the outer layers. A well-practiced tattoo artist can create very striking, intricate patterns. On the other hand, a relatively unskilled artist has a lot more potential to make mistakes and leave you with a regrettably sloppy tattoo. Usually, it’s better to shell out the extra money for an experienced artist than it is to look for a discount.

There are many types of tattoo guns in use in the modern era, but most of them have several features in common, the most important of which is the needle (or needles, in the case of some models). As described, the needle is what enters the skin and leaves the ink. Since it’s piercing the skin, the body’s shield from bacteria, sanitation standards similar to surgical rooms are enforced in many tattoo parlors. Failure to follow the proper health and safety guidelines can greatly increase the threat of a tattoo getting infected. A needle should be properly cleaned after every use and replaced with regularity.

You’ve probably seen in many TV shows and movies what are known as “jailhouse tattoos”. These are tattoos applied by inmates within prisons using homemade equipment. The tattoo guns used are often made of parts from other items or devices, such as pens. Since there are no health and safety guidelines with amateur prison tattoos, they will almost certainly lead to some form of infection. Also, sloppy, imprecise equipment used to apply the tattoo can cause much more damage to the skin than more specialized equipment would. The needle is often improperly sized and digs deeper in the skin, resulting in painful tears and sloppy designs. Staying out of jail is ideal. But if you end up there for whatever reason, it’d be in your best interest to stay well away from prison tattoos.

In selecting a tattoo, the choice of colors is almost as important as the overall design. The colors shouldn’t create a clashing pattern that is unappealing to look at. While simple black tattoos are common, and can look good, utilizing the many other colors available opens up the potential to create a much more stunning design, especially if it flows in harmony with the natural contours of the body. However, tattoos that rely on a specific body shape tend to become malformed over time, since the human body often changes with age.

Due to their nature, tattoos always come with some risk of infection, regardless of how strictly sanitation standards are followed, and no matter what application method is used. They are a form of mostly permanent body modification, and therefore are not a decision that should be rushed into without carefully considering the pros and cons.

Tattoos can be a way to express individuality. But what if yours no longer demonstrates who you are? If you’re searching for Denver Colorado tattoo removal clinic, Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal is ready to put your comfort and safety as the top priority.


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