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The Services Offered By Medical Air Ambulance

June 3, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

In the events of accidents special jets and helicopters are used to fly patients from trauma scene to the health centers. The aircrafts have health practitioners that provide health care to patients before they reach to hospital for treatment. In case there is an earth quake or floods propeller jets are used for evacuating victims. Victims of trauma are given good attention while being transported to the hospital hence helping saving lives. Thus, medical air ambulance services are important.

In the past, jets were never used for this purpose. However, things changed during the world war one. This idea was widely used during this period to ferry the sick people who got injured during this period. Research shows that the first emergency jet to be used in history traces its way back in 1972 in Denver. Helicopters are mainly used for transporting patients over a short distance while wing air crafts are used for longer distances.

Advantage of the services is to ensure there is high level of care from the scene of the trauma until patient reaches to the health centers. Helicopters also make it is easy to access trauma scenes since there is no barriers such as traffic jam. It is also the fastest means of transport therefore very convenient. Emergency doctors also provide critical care when transporting patient from community hospitals to trauma centers.

Aircrafts and helicopters cannot be used everywhere. The crew depends on the ground responders who inform condition of a patient and whether it requires use of helicopter. Every member of a crew is entitled to receive thorough training to ensure patients survive. Quick response of both the ground responders and the crew can be effective in ensuring that patients are safe. There is no need of using helicopters especially if a patient is not in a critical condition because it is an expensive mode of transport.

Before you transport your patient, consider his or her safety as well as that of the crew. Consider the weather condition as at that time and the distance between the scene and the nearest health care facility. It ensures you make the right decision.

It may be effective in saving lives but also it can be tragic because of increased number of crashes. Some of the factors that lead to fatal crashes are bad weather condition, flying at night and port crash fires. Helicopters and aircrafts used for rescue missions should always be checked on regular basis to avoid mechanical problems that can result to fatal crashes.

People that get injured in long distance and remote places are transported from the scenes of trauma to trauma centers by use of planes. The process is called aeromedical. Missing people in the seas and deep in the forest are searched using choppers and wing aircrafts. They may be used for chasing criminals because they are very fast.

These helicopters are fitted with necessary equipment to treat patients on board. They have health ventilators and a monitoring unit. Sparsely populated areas are great beneficiaries of these jets. Thus, they offer good services that have come in handy to help save life especially during trauma.

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