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Tips For Rehab Following Lumbar Fusion

January 24, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Surgical procedures involving spinal correction will require extensive care to ensure that the correct type of healing takes place. Rehab following lumbar fusion requires that patients follow a strict set of healthcare regimes that will allow for the fusion of the vertebrae in the back and prevent against complications down the line. While rest is essential, exercise techniques tailored to your recovery will need to be engaged with the aim of providing core support and strengthening the spine.

There are many people who do not engage in any type of movement after back surgery because of a fear that it will cause additional strain and damage. After a specified period of time, the doctor will advise on the performance of particular movements to accelerate the recovery process. While there are a number of restrictions that will have to be adhered to, certain activities can strengthen the spine and will allow for improvements in mobility.

The surgeon will aid in the creation of an exercise plan. Such measures can aid in facilitating healing processes and ensure that fused vertebrae are in a state of alignment. Recovery can be facilitated with corrective methods that include exercises for the most efficient, safe, and effective results during your healing process.

All patients are provided a custom exercise regime involving light stretches on a routine basis for flexibility. While it is important to engage in rest, it can also contribute to increased stiffness and swelling of the joints. To provide the spine with optimum levels of support, it requires improved strength and heightened support for improved flexibility.

For optimum support, it is important to work towards developing and strengthening the muscles. The spine is supported by delicate tissues that will facilitate greater levels of movement. If strength is not maintained and flexibility achieved, it is more difficult to achieve optimum spinal health.

Improving overall circulation can assist in facilitating optimum healing processes. Greater amounts of nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the sources of damage for the healing of tissues and stronger bones. Recovery can be maximized with access to healthy sources and to ensure that balance is achieved.

A surgeon will advise on methods of healing and balance to ensure that engagement in regular exercises are implemented in a safe and supported manner. The suitable methods for rehabilitation can be advised and determined to prevent against complications during the recovery process. All exercise plans should be customized to adhere to the most suitable outcomes for health and balance.

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