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Total Wellness Cleanse Review

September 28, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Do you want to know about the review of Total Wellness Cleanse product that has been introduced by Yuri Elkaim and are you interested to known the recipes of this product? This program has been found to be unlike most other detox diets out there. The most important feature of this product is that it resorts to the use of foods for eliminating the carvings for foods, purify the blood, detoxify the body at the cellular and system levels. The full duration of the program consists of a cleansing and maintenance phase, and these 2 phases both last for 14 days each for a total of 28 days. A list of foods is then introduced that best helps a body to detox, while getting rid of allergenic and problematic foods such as animal products, dairy, grains, peanuts and sugar.

Can you really trust the person who has created the Total Wellness Cleanse program?

The creator of this program is Yuri Elkaim, a certified kinesiologist and a registered holistic nutritionist. She decided to create this program and focused getting rid of the typical harsh side effects of Detox diets in the industry that make it so hard for most people to succeed with them. Her program is made with foods that are 100% natural and that can provide effective results in a month as compared to the other Detox programs that can take three to five days. By the end of the program, myself and other members enjoyed a series of benefits, including better energy levels, weight loss, healthier blood sugar levels and lesser food allergies.

Do You Really Need to Get the Total Wellness Cleanse System?

The creator of this cleanse diet herself, Yuri, was a sufferer of multiple conditions including autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma and was tired most of the day. This had gone on for more than twenty years in her life, and she finally decided to get to the root cause of her problems. Fortunately for her, she managed to uncover the secrets of the food industry and how many of the foods she was consuming was contributing to her condition. By simply creating more than a hundred original recipes, she was able to effectively detox her body and regain the health in the body.

Are there any drawbacks of Total Wellness Cleanse System?

This system has a drawback that is more expensive as compared to the other diets since a person requires natural foods so that the body can be cleansed completely. Since the quality of the diet is superior, it is very beneficial for the body to achieve better physical condition. This program outlays the total cost that may be required for following those program that has also be said by Yuri. She used foods that are affordable so that the diet could be within limits of everyone.

Does the Total Wellness Cleanse Program efficient for you?

After getting the help of another holistic nutritionist, Amy Coates, both Yuri and Amy were able to create a 30 day detox program that is realistically possible to achieve for most busy people. It is also flexible since it is not likely not everyone who reads her books will have access to every single item on her diets’ recipes and will therefore require alternatives.

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