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Trifocal Lenses Are Beneficial To Many Consumers

July 19, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

As they grow older, many people notice age-related vision problems that are normal. Even though it may be somewhat frightening to individuals, such vision changes are not usually a sign of a serious problem. However, it can be frustrating when one cannot see well enough to read or drive. Fortunately, trifocal lenses are available for individuals who need three different powers in one lens.

In the 1780s, Benjamin Franklin invented the first bifocals. Before this invention, those who were afflicted with presbyopia, which is essentially being both nearsighted and farsighted, had to own several pairs of glasses, one for each condition. The first bifocals featured a line traveling the width of the lens. The top section was for distance vision, and the bottom for reading.

As individuals age into their 50s, presbyopia sometimes develops in such a way that it affects the intermediate vision, as well as distance and reading vision. With the help of a bifocal lens, the wearer can see far and near, but his or her arm’s length vision remains blurry. In the 1940s, trifocals were invented, thus solving this problem.

Trifocals feature a 2nd lens section over the close-up vision segment in a long distance lens. This gives the lens three distinct powers. Therefore, it allows individuals to see clearly in three fields of vision.

There are 2 types of modern trifocals. These are flat top and executive style. With executive style, ribbon shaped sections are divided by a visible line that goes throughout the width of the lens. Flat top designs have rounded segments and do not feature lines. The latter are very popular among many individuals.

Advancements in modern technology provide a vast array of multifocal contacts as well. Such devices are beneficial in the sense that they provide the same 3 clarified vision feels as do traditional eyeglasses. Ultimately, any person who has experienced age-related vision problems should make an appointment with a qualified optometrist to discuss using trifocal lenses.

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