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Virtual Reality & Its Benefits By A Staten Island Pediatrician

May 15, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

It’s no surprise that the virtual world has been used for the purposes of growth. There are many educational games that can be played on computers, each of them targeted towards certain ages and demographics. In addition, just about every child is familiar with touch devices, iPhones included, and sometimes they can use these sorts of devices better than adults can. However, it’s the medical field that has seemingly made the most surprising use out of virtual worlds and any Staten Island pediatrician may say the same.

As a report on Health Canal went into detail about, children were autism were given help with approaching their fears thanks to virtual technology. This particular study was conducted in Newcastle University with the expertise of various specialists and PLOS ONE published the study in question. Even though these details are fine, I am sure that you’re wondering about the specifics behind this particular study. You are probably curious about how exactly the virtual world was integrated into this scientific endeavor.

The article mentioned that the virtual environment would present children with a fearful situation that they would have to approach. It was mentioned that the study utilized a “360 degree seamless screened room,” which goes to show just how technologically advanced this particular study is. In order for children to survey their surroundings, an iPad was given to each of them. Along the way, the children were helped by a psychologist, which helped them in terms of relaxation, which was the right addition to make.

Following the study, the results showed that eight out of the nine children were able to successfully overcome the fears that they were met with during the study. The fact that these kinds of results were shown is tremendous, as any Staten Island pediatrician can attest to. After all, fears are magnified several times over for children and there are certain procedures that must be undertaken in order for said fears to be approached. It seems like this virtual method was, by and large, an effective process according to authorities like GPM Pediatrics.

Is it possible that other fears can be looked into as far as this process is concerned? To me, this study has the potential to target a number of different fears and I do not think that anyone will be able to say otherwise once they realize the potential of this method. To me, Newcastle University has a tremendous amount to gain by continuing to learn about this study and my only hope is that it grows in due time. For something with so much promise, expansion seems like the only option for this study.

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