Vision Insurance: Do I Need It?

September 20, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Glasses are becoming more and more trendy, and even the nerdiest pair of glasses has the potential to increase your social status, in fact, the nerdier the better! But there is one thing that will never be trendy, and that is a dirty pair of glasses.

For example, say you have some minor eye troubles that require a check-up every couple of years. You have a good pair of glasses that you like and most likely your prescription won’t change much over the years.

You have a decent income. In a situation like this, you probably don’t need additional vision insurance. The return won’t justify the investment.

Glasses have a tendency to collect dirt and bacteria like nobody’s business. You should clean your glasses on a regular basis to protect against the buildup of dirt and grime. Don’t stop at the glass frames either. You should clean the metal parts attached to the frames. Use a mixture that’s gentle for your skin, but will also remove a majority of the germs attached to your glasses.

It would seem that most people don’t really need vision insurance. Unless you have serious eye problems that require a lot of attention, vision insurance doesn’t seem to make much sense. Of course, all types of insurance, no matter what they are, are a nice thing to have around. But many of them are so unnecessary. The service just cannot justify the cost. Especially for people who have no or few eye issues, vision insurance is completely unnecessary.

Another method is to fill your sink with mildly soapy water and place your glasses in this water. By doing so, you will be able to clean your glasses and get them cleaned effectively. Once they have soaked for a few minutes you should be able to rinse off any leftover soap, and shake off the remaining water.

No matter how you decide to clean your glasses, just make sure to keep them clean. The cleanliness of your lenses and frames is important for many different reasons. Having clean glasses will help you to see more clearly, and make a better impression on those you encounter.

Vision health plans can be a great help to those with legitimate vision health concerns. But over-anxious people who think they may need vision insurance sometime in the future but don’t really know yet should avoid the extra cost.

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