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So the general belief is that no one wants to become a victim of a life altering STI. Denver STD testing statistics indicate that a fair good number of individuals are infected by an STI. Because the nation as a whole is sustained by a constant flow of travelers, no one is impervious to the spread. Over nineteen million people will get an STD at some point in their lives.

Around half of the people who are sexually active will acquire an STI during their 20s. Whether an STI is foreseeable in your love life, professionals advise against making assumptions about who can be infected, and who cannot. There are many vulnerabilities that need to be explored, and STIs do not discriminate against sexual orientation, religion, social class, or sex.

Even people who think that they use a fool proof method of avoiding infection will not have their risks assured. Some people have made careless decisions in their lives which have cost them more than they thought. There are many reasons to get a regular STI test, especially if you are a sexually active individual. Sexually active individuals should get tested to ensure quality well-being.

Many times, you might have depended on your body to give you a signal when something is wrong, but contrary to popular belief, STIs do not always give off symptoms. There are plenty of dangerous STIs that can go undetected for a while. Some cause skin or internal flares.

The CDC says that of all the people infected with the herpes virus, over 90 percent of individuals are unaware that they have it. In 2005, the CDC reports 977,000 cases of people infected with chlamydia. It is predicted that around 2 million people will become affected by this unfortunate trend.

Alongside of no symptoms aspect, STIs tend to get worse if left untreated. If it was as easy as taking a shower or washing the infected area, there would not be any issues. These infections require a quick and immediate diagnosis and treatment plan. When one evades medical treatment, his own health worsens and exposes other people to the infection.

No matter how strong you think your immune system is, your body may not have the ability to fight off any STI without treatment. STIs should not be allowed to go untreated for another day. Syphilis causes dementia, and HIV weakens the immune system. Other infections that cause internal problems in the genital area can cause infertility and birth complications.

Infections that go untreated can make your body more susceptible to other STIs. For example, if you or your partner has an open sore, it could make it easier to pass HIV. Open wounds can cause the very same infection in another individual. When a serious infection occurs, both parties who do not treat their infection can lose their reproductive abilities.

There are links between cancer and STIs. Women can be at risk for cervical cancer if they become infected with HPV. A Denver STD testing clinic can advise you on any diagnosed conditions. To look for a clinic, look online, in your phone book, or at your local clinic.

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