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Ways To Injure Your Teeth

September 21, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

At the end of every visit, your dentist shows you how to brush and floss again. Your dentist’s purpose isn’t to demean you. They simply want to remind you of a few good techniques to better your oral hygiene over the next six months.

Unfortunately, our world is filled with accident prone people. People trip, stumble, crash, misjudge distances, and so on. We’ve all had our moments. Once, I misjudged the distance of a mug and chipped my tooth on its rim as I swooped down to slurp off the excess hot coca that would have spilled over had I picked the mug up. I’ve had friends who didn’t pay attention to where they were walking, making them crash into walls and break their teeth.

Brush for a minute or two. Reach to the very back teeth. Cover every surface. Plaque only needs 24 hours to start taking root; remove it before it can.

If your gums are still bleeding a couple weeks into the habit, you’re probably pushing too hard. Fourth, clean all edges of the tooth. Pull the floss against the tooth side and curve your hands until you create a curved “C” with the floss. This way you’ll clean every edge of the tooth, keeping plaque from hardening.

Third, notice that they didn’t say much about mouthwash. Some dentists like to include a little caveat about using it after brushing and flossing, but the truth is that it doesn’t do nearly as much as the first two steps.

Some people also put their teeth through the ringer. They use their teeth to rip open bags, pop off bottle caps, carry bags, crush ice, and snarl at enemies. Your teeth are pretty incredible, but they do have their limits.

Some may say it’s a good idea. Others will skip over the step because it’s simply not as important as the first two. If you want to rinse, just swish around water after you floss. This can often clean out a lot of those straggling bacteria pieces.

There are only a few things you can really do to keep your teeth safe. First, stick to basic oral health. Make sure you brush, floss, and fluoride to keep your teeth naturally strong. When you play sports, use a mouth guard. When you walk, pay attention to where you are going. Refrain from acting like a wild animal and don’t carry things or rip things apart with your teeth.

Significantly improve your experience by brushing and flossing every day. Your mouth will thank you the next time you step foot in that dental office again.

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