Ways You Can Ruin Your Teeth

October 20, 2015 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Whether you want to believe it or not, your teeth are your most precious asset. You only have one set of them and when they’re gone, you won’t get them back. You often choose to take your teeth for granted because you think that they’re always going to be there.

They usually remove any inhibitions that would normally keep your words under control. Anything and everything is fair game to say. Hence, you get videos like “David after Dentist.”

Are they safe though? Is laughing gas the right drug for you? Will it put you in the same state as David, and if so for how long?

Failing to practice good hygiene in this respect could have series consequences for not only the health of your mouth, but your overall level of health as well. Plus, it will limit your level of enjoyment when you’re involved in social situations. You will have a hard time making a good first impression when you’re not able to smile proudly.

If your breathing is obstructed, either by your throat muscles or by your brain sending the wrong signal, you will miss a breath every now and then. Hearing you stop breathing can be a scary thing for your spouse.Those with sleep apnea caused by their brains sending incorrect signals will find themselves waking up in the middle of the night. In such circumstances, they will feel out of breath due to the disruption of their breathing.

It is also preferred because no injection is required to sedate your nerves. As said before, it is very safe with no lasting side effects. The major organs aren’t damaged. It was approved for the public long ago and has only become better with time.

Anything that you put into your mouth can harm its overall level of health. It doesn’t stop with the sugary foods and drinks either. Anything that you eat or drink can diminish the appearance of your teeth.

Others will not get enough sedation because of blocked nasal passageways. For them they usually have to go through an alternative form of sedation or numbing agent. Still others grow queasy from the experience.

If these situations don’t apply to you, the experience can be quite pleasant. Consider giving laughing gas a try the next time the option comes up. Your dentist will help you determine if that is the best option for you.

With multiple board certifications and more than fifty years of combined experience, it is deeply rewarding to know that we as Oklahoma Dentists can offer genuine solutions to patients of all ages who suffer from TMJ symptoms, sleep apnea, headaches and all types of facial pain, and sleep disorders.

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