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What Are Scents Of The Spirit

July 4, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

It is not uncommon to become discouraged with life in these days of high stress in one’s personal and professional dealings. The atmosphere of negativity the pervades society cannot be prevented from effecting peoples self esteem and, by virtue of proximity, their daily behaviors. Scents of the Spirit fragrances have been designed with the intent of lifting the users spirits and removing the negative attitudes that permeate their lives.

The fragrances offered by Ego Eimi have the inspiring names of Hopeful and Renewed and are distinctly different from each other. When they are packaged for sale they include specific Bible verses included meant to inspire the purchaser and uplift their spirits each time they are worn. Creating hope and renewing energy in women is the goal of this company.

Blending orchid and hyacinth into a long lasting and softly sweet fragrance creates the aroma that is called Hopeful. The gentle essence of this perfume is designed to remind women of the joy and freedom they are promised in the scriptures. As an extra reminder there is a printed copy of Psalms 37:4-5 in each package.

The second fragrance is called Renewed and it is a blend of lemon and gardenia aromas. It is described as fresh and sophisticated and designed to rejuvenate the soul as described in Isaiah 40:30-31. These verses promise renewed strength and energy to those who are feeling overwhelmed by life. Both of these fragrances are reasonably priced and can easily be found online.

The idea behind these products and their packaging messages is easily conveyed. When women prepare themselves for the day ahead by using this product they are initially inspired when they apply the fragrance and each time they renew the spray or catch a whiff of themselves they are reminded of the promises made to them in the scriptures. The ultimate goal is to encourage women to allow peace and joy into their lives by helping to remove the negative effects of their lives through faith.

Part of the mission of this company is to help those who are not able to help themselves. They donate to organizations that work to assist women and children in abusive situations. They are also contributors to Project India which helps to support families in India and provide their basic daily needs. Another part of their generosity reaches out to a group that helps to stop modern day slavery by protecting those at risk and prosecuting those who are the problem.

One of these organizations works to fight slavery in foreign nations through prevention, protection and prosecution of perpetrators. Yet another organization they contribute to helps families in India by providing their daily needs. Every purchase and contribution made helps to support these deserving efforts.

This brand of perfume has been featured regularly on television and in Forbes social media. It was part of a ‘Favorite Things’ segment on the Today show and also featured in an article from a Christian based site online. By purchasing this fragrance you may promote a better way of life for yourself as well as assistance for those less fortunate than you.

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