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What To Know About Sickle Cell Charities For Kids

February 7, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Sickle-cell disease and sickle-cell anemia, SCD or SCA respectively, are names given to a hereditary blood disorder. This condition is characterized by red blood cells that take on an rigid, abnormal shape. This sickling decreases the overall flexibility of the cells and heightens risk of life-threatening conditions. The disease is the result of a mutant gene that produces a mix of abnormal and normal haemoglobin. There are many sickle cell charities for kids that are designed to raise money to fund treatments and research for those affected by this hereditary disorder.

Sufferers tend to have a shortened life expectancy. It used to be under 50 years old for both men and women. However, advances in knowledge and better management of disease has led to increased life span, with many patients living into their 70s or even beyond. Still, an important part of managing this disease is learning more about it.

These groups set up for children are used to collect money that can be put toward funding research and studies. This can also be used to bring about new awareness to the general public through educational resources and other details. Overall, the goal is to educate kids, parents and other people about management of this disease until a final cure can be utilized.

Many complications can come of this disease. Sufferers are likely to have leg ulcers, opiod intolerance, infarction, bacterial infections, stroke and many other problems. Most of these issues can be prevented or treated easily when a person maintains a healthy lifestyle and gets regular care from a doctor. Some treatments that are commonly issued to these patients: penicillin and folic acid, bone marrow transplants, acute chest crisis, hydroxyurea, transfusion therapy, bone marrow transplants and more.

Charities may use donations for a variety of purposes. Typically these are used to fund programs and benefits as they relate to education, public information, advocacy and research. It is essential to look a the background of the organizations prior to offering contributions. Make sure the donations are going where they are said to go. Most of these groups share the goal of finding a cure for this inherited condition so that children do not have to live with it or pass it on.

What is believed to be the first written account of this condition was from around the 1840s. The 1900s saw a lot more information about this condition come to light. This disease afflicts many people around the globe, but appears to be more prevalent among those with ancestry linking them to the Middle East, Mediterranean countries, East India and Africa.

Diagnosis is typically done at birth as part of newborn screening tests. A second test is usually done to confirm the diagnosis. Children with this disease are more prone to infection and complications. This is why early treatment and diagnosis is important to preventing serious problems.

Children should receive regular care from a hematologist and doctor if they have this. There are special clinics where they can also receive care. Parents should always be vocal about questions and concerns they have, and educate the child as they grow old enough to understand. Charities do all that is possible to find a cure for this and help young people who have recently been diagnosed.

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