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What You Should Know About Glue In Hair Extensions

September 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

The idea of getting hair extension is very old, however with the emergence of new techniques, its extremely difficult to distinguish between genuine and artificial extensions. There are diverse varieties of glue in hair extensions and few of these varieties are made of real hair while others are not at all genuine.

Depending on your choice, you can opt for different sizes and shapes. Moreover, you can purchase them according to your budget as well because they can be highly expensive as well as real cheap. The advantage of getting it done is that they could easily last for up to 6 months but you have to visit the beauty parlour to get it done every single time.

It is hard to believe that something can be glued into your head and it stays like this for several months. Usually a protein based bond is used for this purpose because it doesn’t damage your scalp at all. It is very important that you know what sort of glue base is used because certain types of glue bases can severely damage your scalp and your hair growth might get affected as a result of such damage.

Diverse systems are utilized to put in paste based ones. They are either stuck in strand by strand to your scalp or they could be stuck to your current locks. It is your obligation to require your beautician what sort from items and materials are utilized for this reason. The best choice might be to go to a salon that you are acquainted with so you know legitimate forethought is continuously honed.

When you finally get your new hair, you should be advised by your stylist that how you should take care of them. Although you can comb, style, brush and wash them the way you normally do but you are required to be a bit gentle. For instance, if they get a bit tangled, you must remain patient and untangle them very gently, because if you brush vigorously it might start to loosen a bit.

You cannot use every shampoo or conditioner because not every product is suitable. There are specific products that are available in the market and your stylist must tell you about them. If you feel like, they are getting loosed, then you should book an appointment and go to your stylist straight away to get them fixed again.

An alternate vital choice that you need to make is whether to buy human growth or engineered ones. It is fitting and exceptionally prescribed by masters that human or regular ones keep going for a more extended time of time and they look amazingly sparkly and tasteful too. Factually, not everybody can stand to by common thing in light of the fact that they are a bit costly as contrasted with manufactured assortments that are accessible out there.

Although, extensions cannot beat the look of natural hair but those individuals who have thin growth and who want long and thick growth, getting extensions glued in could be an ideal choice for them.

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