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Why Healthcare Marketing Matters To Patients And Providers

January 31, 2017 | Author: | Posted in Health and Fitness

Medical treatment saves lives and eliminates suffering. Ideally, doctors and medical groups should be able to concentrate on that goal without the distraction of financial considerations, but that is not possible today. Medical care is big business, and patients are the customer base. Targeted healthcare marketing practices help patients fully understand their options.

New laws and regulations affecting this industry have not yet made it simple for targeted customers to make the best decisions. Not only are many confused about the available programs, but they are also constantly exposed to a barrage of media advertisements further clouding the issue. Rather than expressing a point of view, effective promotion needs to emphasize specific advantages.

The process begins with an unflinching analysis of current promotional policies. In past years, some groups or individual physicians considered themselves to so uniquely successful or cutting-edge that no strategy was actually needed. That attitude unfortunately rubs off on patients, and can contribute to decreased revenue, a shrinking practice, and ultimately fewer customers.

This is an era of robotic surgery and other marvels, but it is still the patients who ultimately determine success. As is true in other business models, applying customer-first policies to all aspects of the patient experience actually works. In addition to excellent personal treatment, patients also pay particular attention to the success stories that drive good reputations.

The current configuration of medical treatment deals first with insurance companies, and second with the actual patients involved. Even though greater numbers of people have coverage now than at any previous time, most choices were based on Internet information, word of mouth, overall reputation, and final cost. No matter how good the doctors may be, long waits, lost records and poor communications will ultimately cause a practice to suffer.

Health-care consulting firms work directly with providers of all varieties. They use the same types of promotional techniques commonly employed by other competitive businesses, including initial product branding, while creating other important advertising adjuncts such as targeted websites. Understanding Internet advertising techniques, including search engine optimization, is important for effectiveness.

The result of these efforts is reflected by increased patient referrals and revenue. Creating greater customer visibility and product definition is most effectively accomplished with the help of experienced industry consultants. By identifying and promoting the medical options and practices customers truly want and need, patients make the transition from uncertain referral to long-term customer.

Edward J. Stark is a marketing expert that specializes in healthcare focused marketing. If you are interested in learning more about hospital marketing case studies he suggests that you check out Beaconfey.


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